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    The myAbility Talent® program in Switzerland takes place between March and September 2022 and connects students and graduates with disabilities or chronic illnesses with top Swiss companies. The participating employers recognize a disability as a positive aspect of an application and focus on the qualifications of the applicants. 

    To apply, send an email with your CV and a short text explaining why you want to participate. 

    Extended Application Deadline until March 20th!

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Participating companies in Switzerland

This year you can meet HR executives from different companies. You can be sure that these employers value a disability as a positive aspect of an application and that the qualifications of the applicants are in the foreground. 

Logos: EY, Generali, Nestle, Novartis, Roche, Swiss Life, Swiss Re, UBS

What to expect

The myAbility Talent® program takes place in Switzerland between March and September and will mostly be held online. 

  • In the workshop with our communication trainer you will find out everything about the first impression (e.g. for job interviews),
  • your CV will be checked in an individual application coaching and
  • you can network with participating companies in networking events.
  • You take part in job shadowings where you can get to know your dream company from the inside. 

Apply now!

Send us your CV and let us know why you want to take part in the program and which companies you are interested in via e-mail to: hello.talent[at]myAbility.org.

An overview of the dates

  • March 20th, 2022 - Application deadline
  • Beginning March 18th, 2022 – Kick off session/Individual Appintments
  • Between March 28th – March 31st, 2022- book your workshop with our communication trainer
  • Between March 21st – March 24st, 2022 - individual coaching;
  • April 8th, 2022 - Career workshop
  • May 10th, 2022 - Matching Day;
  • May to September 2022- individual job shadowings;
  • September 22, 2022 - closing event

The process in detail

Piktogramm: 4 Personen auf einem Bildschirm wie in einem ZoomcallKick off session: You book an individual session with us and will learn everything about the Program and can ask open questions. We are looking foeward to getting to know you! 

Piktogramm: 2 Personen sitzen sich gegenüber und unterhalten sich Individual one-on-one coaching: How do you put the finishing touches on your CV? Which aspects are important? These questions are clarified in an one-hour individual coaching with Pia Leichtfried.  

Piktogramm: 3 Personen sitzen und in der Sprechblase der einen Person ist ein "Check"-HackenSelf-presentation Workshop:
With our coach, Alexander Kurzwernhart, you practice your self-presentation, get professional feedback as well as tips and tricks on how you can best present your strengths.  

Piktogramm: 4 Personen befinden sich in einem Kreis und in der Mitte sind Sprechblasen Career workshop: What does career mean? How do I want to deal with my disability or chronic illness in the application process? With practical exercises and inputs, you will answer these questions together with our Talent Manager.  

Piktogramm: Personen sind durch Linien miteinander vernetztMatching Day: On Matching Day you meet the HR managers of the companies for the first time. In small interviews you introduce yourself and you can put the skills learned into practice. Here is where you find the right company for your job shadowings.  

Piktogramm: Eine Aktentasche mit einer LupeJobshadowings: You meet with company employees and get an insight into their work days. Spend your job shadowing in departments that interest you. This way you get to know the departments from the inside.  

Piktogramm: Ein Kalender mit einem Stern über einen Datum Closing event: This evening we look back at the myAbility Talent Program®. You will receive a certificate for your participation and will meet the job shadowing providers and HR managers of all companies again to network.  

Questions and answers about the myAbility Talent® program in Switzerland

You are not sure whether to apply or you have general questions about the myAbility Talent® program? On this page we have collected a few questions and answers about the myAbility Talent® program.

  • Who can apply? 

    The myAbility Talent® program is aimed at students and academics with disabilities and chronic health conditions who are at the end of their bachelor's degree, are in a master's programs or have just (within the last 5 years) completed their degree. By "with disability and chronic health conditions" we mean, for example: visual and hearing impairment, mobility impairment, dyslexia, epilepsy, diabetes, metabolic diseases, ... 

  • How ist he myAbility Talent Program held? 

    Due to Covid 19 we decided to hold most of the program online via Zoom. We will decide with sufficient notice if the Matching Day and Cloding Event can be held in person (in Zurich). If you have questions concerning accessibility contact us. 

  • What does the myAbility Talent® program offer? 

Talents receive over the period of a semester several different types of coaching from our coaches: 

Individual career coaching, a workshop with an experienced communication coach, a career workshop with our team, contact with recruiters and Networks with top companies at eye level. 

  • Do I have to pay for the program as a participant? 

No. The partner companies and myAbility bear the costs for the myAbility Talent® program. You only have to cover your travel expenses yourself. In return, we expect you to be on time, reliable and organized. This means to come to the events, reliably respond to emails and cancel in time if you are not able come. 

  • What is in it for me? 

We support you with your self-presentation, on paper as well as with your first impression. In different workshop formats you will learn a lot about careers. In addition, you have the unique opportunity to network with the HR executuves of well-known top companies and to do job shadowings in the companies. You also benefit from the network with the other talents. 

  • How much time should I plan for the program? 

On average, myAbility Talents spend 58 hours inn total over a period 6 months on the myAbility Talent® program. The job shadowings are excluded. You arrange these individually with the companies.  

  • Is this just greenwashing? 

No. Companies recognize that students / academics with disabilities and chronic illnesses are a talent pool they haven’t actively addressed. The program creates points of contact and creates a conscious, open approach. Companies and talents learn from each other and benefit from the exchange. It enables talents and business partners a constructive approach with the disability factor. 

  • How did former myAbility talents like the program? 

Quality is most important to us, so we always ask myAbility Talents how we can improve the program, what was missing and what was liked. Based on this, we continuously adjust the program and content. The myAbility Talent® program was rated by former talents with an average grade on the school grade scale of 1.5, which makes us very proud. 

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Former myAbility Talent® Programs in Switzerland

The Program exists since 2020. Here is a short overview of former programs :

Die Logos von UBS, Novartis, EY, Carbagas, die Mobiliar und Swiss Re
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  • Rückblick myAbility Talent Programm Schweiz 2020

    Das myAbility Talent® Programm Schweiz steht für einen selbstbewussten Umgang mit dem Thema Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung.

  • Schweizer Talent Programm als Bericht

    Der SRF hat in seiner Sendung 10 vor 10 ein myAbility Talent bei seinem Job Shadowing begleitet und bietet Einblicke, wie so ein Job Shadowing ablaufen kann.